Hey there everybody, welcome back to another story on my vehicles and motors blog. We have all had that extra pit stop while on a road trip; you underestimate the gas you have left or the distance to the next town, and before you know it you are looking for the nearest Shell or Mohawk or heck, even BP if you hate yourself. You fill up, head inside and try to find someone, take a bathroom break while waiting and still no one there. Grab a slushie and some of those stale donuts with hydrogenated oil on top and finally someone pokes their head out. Pay for your gas and grub, hop in the car and try to make up all that lost time. Well now if you drive a Jaguar Land Rover and get gas from Shell the process is a whole lot quicker.

Shell and Jaguar recently announced the release of their joint app for the in-vehicle computer on the Land Rover. Using ApplePay, PayPal, and later this year AndroidPay you will be able to fill in your information in the heat and comfort of your own vehicle. The vehicle uses geolocation services to find the nearest stations, you select your desired station and pump, then enter a PIN and a fuel amount then simply fill up. You will see your transaction information on the screen and a receipt will be sent to you via email. Jaguar hopes to get similar technology into their line up soon that would help drivers in paying for tolls, parking and other things that we see as an inconvenience now. What do you guys think about it? Let me know in the comments, and I will see you next time!


Jaguar Land Rover


Hi everyone, welcome to my car and motor vehicles blog.  Something a bit older today than my last post on the RAM power wagon.

I recently purchased a new vehicle, a BMW 645Ci.  I bought it pre-loved from an online classified ads website which specialises in cheap second-hand products, http://www.cheap.forsale/.

BMW 645Ci


The BMW 645Ci was released in 2005.  The BMW 6 Series coupe has so many different types of technology in it.  From the standard; cruise control, dynamic brake control and active roll stabilization, to the more obscure; Active headlines, LED brake lights and optional active steering.

A powerful engine is needed to take the large 2 + 2 BMW645Ci coupe; and it is provided in the form of the 4.4 liter V-8 that should be familiar to BMW super fans.  The smooth engine burbles away as it seamlessly transitions from slow to fast speeds and back.  The 4-cam aluminum block V-* engines pumps out 325 bhp at 6100 rpm, and 300 lb – ft of torque at 3600 rpm.  The power in the BMW 645 is not quite as breathtaking as other models.  However it does make up for it when driving as it can go from 0 – 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

The optional active steering has a quick ratio which slows wheels down substantially, this allows you to control the car better at higher speeds due to making smaller steering movements.  This helps when parking, but also when driving at 30mph, 75mph all the way up to the vehicle’s maximum speed of 155mph.  

There are 3 different gearboxes available with the BMW 645Ci.  A 6 speed manual version, a 6 speed automatic as well as a sequential manual gearbox.  The 6 speed manual is entertaining to drive, however the 6 speed automatic is the smoothest offering.  It’s smooth but still sporty as you can override by moving the gear lever.  And if you prefer the paddle shift Sequential Manual Gearbox option? With smooth shifts, and crisp no lift uplifts you’ll speed down empty streets. It does however have a few issues in city traffic and small throttle opening.


The exterior styling of the BMW 645Ci is controversial.  Whilst some love the convex and concave surfaces and detailing others have condemned it. One thing is for certain however, it looks better in person, so make sure you check it out.  If you wanted to update the look of the BMW 645Ci then you can purchase bmw accessories for bargain prices online.

Inside however, is a different story.  Elegant and dashing, with analog gauges and a double binnacle dashboard.  The steering wheel is fully adjustable, both for reach as well as height and the leg room for the front seats can be fully extended back.  


If you’d like to purchase a BMW645Ci then check out; https://www.cheap.forsale/bmw-645.  They have tons of used and second hand vehicles for bargain low prices.  If the BMW645Ci isn’t for you, then check out their other cars available.

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Whats up everyone, Kevin here with the first review for my vehicle blog! I had a chance to drive the 2017 Ram Power Wagon earlier, and I loved it.

RAM Power Wagon

This monster begins life as a simple Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4×4 and with some slight modifications turns into a rock crawling, mud slogging truck that any outdoorsman would love to drive. This thing has an 11.5 inch ring gear on the rear axle and a 9.3 inch one on the front, with both ends containing an electronically locking differential that has a 4.10:1 final drive. Then you select low range, the idle mode changes from 650 rpm to 750 in order to maximize the crawling ability and the stability control is turned down. These are topped with 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires that will never lose their bite when climbing. And since you gotta climb down eventually, the Power Wagon features a hill descent control feature.

For a vehicle meant to drive through rocks and forests, the Power Wagon handles extremely well on pavement. You can hear a very faint hum from the all terrain tires, and the hydraulically assisted steering feels pretty loose for a big truck. But thanks to the coil sprung axles you get a much more comfy ride to your next adventure. Be careful at the pumps with the Power Wagon though, these big trucks don’t get estimated mileage but thanks to the inboard computer we can see it only give you 11 miles per gallon and I don’t see any reason that will improve much. If you get a chance then you have to take this truck for a spin, and if you like it there are good lease options. Take it easy everyone, Kevin out.



Here there everybody, how y’all doing today? Welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog. I just got back in from my shop and I seem to have made a rather large mess. I was making myself a homemade car, a pretty simple one at that. I had built myself a little wooden frame and gotten the axles attached to it, then put the motor on (which came from a golf cart) and fired it up. Everything was working fine, until the front axle starting spinning with the tires and twisted itself right off the frame, shooting the frame backwards. I must not have attached everything right, that’s what happens when you do work after the bar.

Have any of you made you own vehicles before? It was a pretty big thing when I was younger, the neighbor kids would get together and make a go-cart or something like that from old parts scattered all over. The main thing really was just finding a working frame, then putting an engine on that is too big for that frame. You then have to build some supports and what not, but you get a nice little customized vehicle. If you are a bit of a mechanic or even just like messing around in the shop, start looking for golf carts or go karts online that are not working, you can get them for a steal. Then just find an engine (again non working is cheaper, just gotta fix it) and hook it all up then see what you can do! Make something that can grip the snow and you can build yourself jumps in the winter!

Home made car

Hi there awesome people.  My name is Kevin and welcome to my Vehicles blog.

I have always wanted to do a blog, and after sitting down and thinking about what I would be best at talking about I decided to talk about my passion; vehicle. I have been a vehicle man my whole life, and I love me some big engines. The bigger the better in my opinion. I grew up on a farm, we didn’t have much for livestock or crops but we had a lot of scrap and our shop was always full of someone’s tractor or combine harvestor that we were working on. Of course this means I had my fair share of trouble making some franken-vehicles but that just means I got some good stories to tell.
I hope that you will give my little blog a read, it sure would mean a lot to this old mechanic. The plan is to give you all some good do-it-yourself post as well as reviews on vehicles and maybe just a good story every now and then. Hope you come back soon,