BMW 645Ci


Hi everyone, welcome to my car and motor vehicles blog.  Something a bit older today than my last post on the RAM power wagon.

I recently purchased a new vehicle, a BMW 645Ci.  I bought it pre-loved from an online classified ads website which specialises in cheap second-hand products,

BMW 645Ci


The BMW 645Ci was released in 2005.  The BMW 6 Series coupe has so many different types of technology in it.  From the standard; cruise control, dynamic brake control and active roll stabilization, to the more obscure; Active headlines, LED brake lights and optional active steering.

A powerful engine is needed to take the large 2 + 2 BMW645Ci coupe; and it is provided in the form of the 4.4 liter V-8 that should be familiar to BMW super fans.  The smooth engine burbles away as it seamlessly transitions from slow to fast speeds and back.  The 4-cam aluminum block V-* engines pumps out 325 bhp at 6100 rpm, and 300 lb – ft of torque at 3600 rpm.  The power in the BMW 645 is not quite as breathtaking as other models.  However it does make up for it when driving as it can go from 0 – 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

The optional active steering has a quick ratio which slows wheels down substantially, this allows you to control the car better at higher speeds due to making smaller steering movements.  This helps when parking, but also when driving at 30mph, 75mph all the way up to the vehicle’s maximum speed of 155mph.  

There are 3 different gearboxes available with the BMW 645Ci.  A 6 speed manual version, a 6 speed automatic as well as a sequential manual gearbox.  The 6 speed manual is entertaining to drive, however the 6 speed automatic is the smoothest offering.  It’s smooth but still sporty as you can override by moving the gear lever.  And if you prefer the paddle shift Sequential Manual Gearbox option? With smooth shifts, and crisp no lift uplifts you’ll speed down empty streets. It does however have a few issues in city traffic and small throttle opening.


The exterior styling of the BMW 645Ci is controversial.  Whilst some love the convex and concave surfaces and detailing others have condemned it. One thing is for certain however, it looks better in person, so make sure you check it out.  If you wanted to update the look of the BMW 645Ci then you can purchase bmw accessories for bargain prices online.

Inside however, is a different story.  Elegant and dashing, with analog gauges and a double binnacle dashboard.  The steering wheel is fully adjustable, both for reach as well as height and the leg room for the front seats can be fully extended back.  


If you’d like to purchase a BMW645Ci then check out;  They have tons of used and second hand vehicles for bargain low prices.  If the BMW645Ci isn’t for you, then check out their other cars available.

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