Jaguar and Shell Team up

Hey there everybody, welcome back to another story on my vehicles and motors blog. We have all had that extra pit stop while on a road trip; you underestimate the gas you have left or the distance to the next town, and before you know it you are looking for the nearest Shell or Mohawk or heck, even BP if you hate yourself. You fill up, head inside and try to find someone, take a bathroom break while waiting and still no one there. Grab a slushie and some of those stale donuts with hydrogenated oil on top and finally someone pokes their head out. Pay for your gas and grub, hop in the car and try to make up all that lost time. Well now if you drive a Jaguar Land Rover and get gas from Shell the process is a whole lot quicker.

Shell and Jaguar recently announced the release of their joint app for the in-vehicle computer on the Land Rover. Using ApplePay, PayPal, and later this year AndroidPay you will be able to fill in your information in the heat and comfort of your own vehicle. The vehicle uses geolocation services to find the nearest stations, you select your desired station and pump, then enter a PIN and a fuel amount then simply fill up. You will see your transaction information on the screen and a receipt will be sent to you via email. Jaguar hopes to get similar technology into their line up soon that would help drivers in paying for tolls, parking and other things that we see as an inconvenience now. What do you guys think about it? Let me know in the comments, and I will see you next time!


Jaguar Land Rover