Making a Car

Here there everybody, how y’all doing today? Welcome back to my vehicles and motors blog. I just got back in from my shop and I seem to have made a rather large mess. I was making myself a homemade car, a pretty simple one at that. I had built myself a little wooden frame and gotten the axles attached to it, then put the motor on (which came from a golf cart) and fired it up. Everything was working fine, until the front axle starting spinning with the tires and twisted itself right off the frame, shooting the frame backwards. I must not have attached everything right, that’s what happens when you do work after the bar.

Have any of you made you own vehicles before? It was a pretty big thing when I was younger, the neighbor kids would get together and make a go-cart or something like that from old parts scattered all over. The main thing really was just finding a working frame, then putting an engine on that is too big for that frame. You then have to build some supports and what not, but you get a nice little customized vehicle. If you are a bit of a mechanic or even just like messing around in the shop, start looking for golf carts or go karts online that are not working, you can get them for a steal. Then just find an engine (again non working is cheaper, just gotta fix it) and hook it all up then see what you can do! Make something that can grip the snow and you can build yourself jumps in the winter!

Home made car