Hi there awesome people.  My name is Kevin and welcome to my Vehicles blog.

I have always wanted to do a blog, and after sitting down and thinking about what I would be best at talking about I decided to talk about my passion; vehicle. I have been a vehicle man my whole life, and I love me some big engines. The bigger the better in my opinion. I grew up on a farm, we didn’t have much for livestock or crops but we had a lot of scrap and our shop was always full of someone’s tractor or combine harvestor that we were working on. Of course this means I had my fair share of trouble making some franken-vehicles but that just means I got some good stories to tell.
I hope that you will give my little blog a read, it sure would mean a lot to this old mechanic. The plan is to give you all some good do-it-yourself post as well as reviews on vehicles and maybe just a good story every now and then. Hope you come back soon,